Spadone Alfa has specialized in manufacturing self-lubricated bronze bearings for over 50 years.  These bearings provide various industries maintenance-free operations, through the use of Spadone Alfa self-lubricating parts.  Pioneering with the Metaline™ product in 1950, Spadone Alfa has proven over time - reliability in the industrial work place. 

Spadone Alfa was recently purchased by three individuals with more than 80 years experience in the bronze industry. The new company, Spadone Self Lubricated Products LLC will continue to build on those traditions by offering a combination of self lubricated products.  Spadone SLP will offer competitively priced, reliable products and on-time deliveries… factors important in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment.

Look for Spadone Self Lubricated Products in coming months to offer additional new products designed to help you maintain self-lubricating maintenance free operations, and a variety of bronze products from stock.  

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