Spadone Bearings Proper Alloy Selection
Common Bearing Alloys​​​ And Families

Selection of the proper alloy is an important part of a good bearing design. The insure optimum results, it is necessary to know operating conditions such as:
  • Load
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Foreign Matter
This information helps you select the alloy with the properties most suitable to the application. Some of these properties are discussed in the following.

Non-Scoring Characteristics


Embedability is the tendency of a bearing to admit birt or grit. Spadone Self Lubricated Bearings achieve remarkable service since foreign materials are absorbed by the soft lubrication surfaces. Naturally, excessive dirt shortends the lofe of any bearing.
Scoring is most likely to occur during the startup period. The polished film of the Met-90 graphite protects the journal under both the static and running load.

Compressive Strength

Corrosive Resistance

Compressive strength is the ability of the bearing material to withstand a specific unit of stress without permanent distrortion and is a significant factor in determining actual load carrying capacity.
Spadone oilless bearings are often chosen on the basis of corrosion restistance alone. Being oilless, they avoid the problem of oil oxidation at high temperature and the resultant formation of organic acids. In addition, they are widley used in submerged application which would adversly affect most other lubricants.​


This is the charateristic of the bearing alloy to compensate for surface irregularities of the shaft, providing uniform distribution of the load.

Fatigue Resistance

This is the charateristic is the measure of the endurance or toughness of the alloy: its ability to withstand high unit stress without complete fracture. The property is of paramount importanance when the bearings or plates are subject to shock or alternating loads.
Common Bronze Alloys
​Bronze comes in a large range of alloys depending on which properties of strength, ductility, hardness, wear resistance, anti-seizing properties, low friction you are trying to meet or exceed. One of bronzes largest strengths is its ability deal with irregularities and tolerate harsh environments. Its corrosion resistance is typically better than any other bearing materials.

Cast Bronze Bearing Alloys Specifications

Common Bronze Alloys Families and Alloys

Tin Bronze

Leaded Tin Bronze

High Leaded Tin Bronze

  • C90300​​
  • C90500
  • C90700
  • C92200
  • C92300
  • C92700
  • C93200
  • C93400
  • C93500
  • C93700
  • C93800
  • C94300

Aluminum Bronze

Manganese Bronze

Phosphor Bronze

  • C95300
  • C95300-HT
  • C95400
  • C95400-HT
  • C95500
  • C95500-HT
  • C95510
  • C86300
  • C86400
  • C54400​

Silicon Bronze

Naval Brass

Free Cutting Brass

  • C86300
  • C86400
  • C46400
  • C36000

Cartridge Brass

  • C26000