Bronze Gears 

Bronze Gears and Blanks

Spadone Bronze Gears and Blanks
Our top quality bronze gears, start with high quality bronze materials in providing the following bronze gears:
  • Pinion
  • Spur
  • Pump
  • Flanged
  • Segment
  • Cluster (Pinion)
  • Cluster (Gear)
  • Ring
  • Worm

In gear applications, and most bronze applications, the bronze is the wear component. You prefer that the bronze to wear over the more expensive steel or other alloy/expensive compenent. We work with some of the best bronze metallurgists to have these bronzes cast so they minimize wear of the bronze part, while providing the benefits of the steel-to-bronze application.  These alloys have the strength to withstand the high loads and still yield a low coefficient of friction.

Some alloys that you will see for gears are:
  • High Tin Bronze
    • C90700
    • C91700
  • Aluminum Bronze
    • C95400
    • C95500
  • Manganese Bronze
    • C86200
    • C86300
  • Powder Metal
    • SAE 841
    • SAE 863