Sintered Bronze Certification Options

SAE 841, ASTM B438-13, CT-1000-K26

Machining SAE 841
Spadone SAE841 Certification Options
The goal to machining SAE 841, is to maintain the physical properties of the material. This would include the porosity and mechanical strength of the part. You can achieve minimal loss of microporisirty by using sharp tooling and poper feed rates.
Sintered Bronze Products are not stocked with certifications. In most cases, a certifications is not applicable. If required, please see your options below.

Sintered Bronze Certification Options

Sintered Bronze Certificate of Conformance

Physical Certificate of Analysis

Physical and Chemical Certificate of Analysis

  • Document lists: PO#, INV#, Date Shipped, Quantity
  • Brief Explanation of Parts
  • Mill statement that the parts are made manufactured to Mill quality management system
  • You choose ASTM, SAE or Mil Spec
  • No testing is performed 
ASTM Guidelines for testing density, porosity, and K-Value (where appropriate) and lists results accordingly.

  • cost of 1 part
  • 2 weeks to complete
ASTM Guidelines for testing material composition and list results accordingly.

  • cost of 1 part
  • 2 weeks to complete
  • Physicals and Mechanicals Together