Self Lubricated Sleeve Bearing

Self Lubricated Sleeve Bushings

Spadone Self Lubricated Bearing Features
  • Self Lubricating
  • Performs well in High load, low speed operations
  • Resists corrosive and and hostile environments.
  • Excellent performance in medium to high temperature (up to 600°).
  • Comparable with most viscous lubricants, oils, and grease applications.
Spadone Self Lubricated Standard Size Sleeve Bearings
We make many different size of Self Lubricated sleeve bearings for customers. Below is a quick list of Self Lubricated Sleeve Bearings that we keep in stock for quick repairs and customer modifications.

Spadone Self Lubricated Bearings to 450°​​​

Spadone Self Lubricated Bearings to 600°​