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Spadone Self Lubricated Bearings (Met 90) Solves Bearing Problems in hostile environments​​​​​​
For The Extremes

  • High Temperatures | Conventional lubricants would carbonize. Such applications are in furnaces, dryers, ovens, kilns, dust collectors, hot conveyors, and louvers​​
  • Exteme Cold | in Cryogenics
  • Dry Environments | Where contamination is undeirable. Textile, food, drug production, pollution control, printing
  • Wet applications | From high humidity to toal submersion. pumps, meters, textile finishing, chemical processing, plating equipment
  • Inaccessible location | difficult or unable to reach graphite works as the lubricant
We use a solid lubricant which, when introduced between unlubricated surfaces, acts as a smoothing agent - filling pores and imperfections in the metal surface and coating them with a thin layer of lubricant. ​​

Our plugs expand and impregnate bearing surfaces with a hard, mirror-like film. Turning or sliding during machine operation spreads the lubrication to greatly reduce friction and wear.

Using a graphite compound in either plug or paste form, the lubrication is press fit into drilled recesses. The recesses are arranged into  an overlapping, staggered pattern to provide a greater degree of lubrication than can be obtained by any other oiless lubrivation method.​​

Our bearings are self lubricating and never require oil or grease. For normal duty, they are manufactured from a variety of bronze alloys; including tin, leaded, manganese, and aluminum bronze alloys. However, they can be made from almost any metal when the application demands it.
How It Works
What is Self Lubricated Bearings
Major Advantages

  • High Temperatures​​
  • Corrosive Atmospheres
  • Dirty, Gritty Conditions
  • Improved Load Carrying
  • Heavy Loads
  • Shock Loads
  • Submersion
  • Inaccessible Locations
  • Slow Speed Operation
  • Reduce Product Contamination
  • Resists ultra-violet, gamma-ray radiation
  • Cryogenic Capabilites