Sintered Bronze Solid Round Bar

SAE 841, ASTM B438-13, CT-1000-K26
Sintered Round Bar

Spadone SAE841 Powder Metal Sintered Bronze Round Solid Bar
Spadone SAE 841 solid bar exceeds the industry standard. We have 30 different solid bar sizes available to us ranging from 1/4" Diameter to 8"Diameter. They are available to ship within 24 hours and provide a quick and easy solution, if your Sintered Bronze Bushing size is not available.  for many of todays applications.​​

Our bars are finished to the dimension listed. They will be slightly oversized on the Outside Diameter.​

Spadone SAE 841 Plate Standard Sizes

We also have:​
  • Custom Bearings
  • Flanged Bearings
  • Thrust Washers
  • Metric Sizes
  • Bar Stock (Round / Cored)
  • Plate
  • Disc
  • Sintered Iron Copper
  • Sintered Graphite Bronze