Graphite Plugged Wear Strips 

Wear Plates, Strips, Liners and Shoes | Bi-Metal, Cam Dwell, L-Gibs, V-Blocks, Custom Designed ​

Wear Plates, Strips, Liners and Shoes

There parts can be supplied in a variety of sizes and shapes, with dimensions ranging from a few inches long up to lengths of 12 feet or greater, Chamfers are provided to assure that the entire surface gets lubricated.

Wear plates can be ordered in all the bronze alloys that we sell.
  1. Bronze Wear Strips
    Bronze Wear Strips
  2. Bi-metal Wear Plates
    Bi-metal Wear Plates
  3. Cam Dwell Wear Plates
    Cam Dwell Wear Plates
  4. L-Gibs
  5. V Block
    V Block
  6. Custom Made Wear Plates
    Custom Made Wear Plates